Sunday, 8 October 2017

Chiara Tadani

Italian Water Polo Player

Name: Chiara Tadani
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: 27 August 1994
Place of Birth: Prato, Italy
Sport: Water Polo
Height: 1m75cm (5'9)

Chiara is an Italian Water Polo international, who was part of the Italian squad who won Silver at the 2016 Rio Olympics. She plays as a Centre Back for the Italians. They have also had success at European level with Bronze medals at that level. Her club is CN Sabadell in Spain.

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Eva Puskarcikova

Czech Biathlete

Name: Eva Puskarčíková
Nationality: Czech
Date of Birth: 03 January 1991
Place of Birth: Harrachov, Czech Rep.
Sport: Biathlon
Height: 1m68cm  (5'6)

Eva is a Czech Biathlete set to appear at the Winter Olympics next year in South Korea. She appeared in 2014 Olympics and finished 4th in the relay with a strong Czech squad. She has a Silver medal from the Universiade in 2015 to her name, but that is her own main honour. She won a third place on one stage on the 2016-17 World Cup.

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Friday, 6 October 2017

Best of Instagram: Rowan Cheshire

The next in the best of social media section is British Freestyle skier Rowan Cheshire. Rowan will be featuring at the Winter Olympics in 2018 in the Halfpipe, in South Korea, where she hopes to get to compete after crashing out in training in 2014. Rowan had a period out of the sport after suffering three head injuries in a short of space of time that left her with her with mental side effects, but she has since returned to action.
Rowan first feature don the site back in July 2014. Now 22 she has a very active Instagram from which these picture have been taken.

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Aimee Fuller

British Snowboarder

Name: Aimee Fuller
Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 21 July 1991
Place of Birth: Farnborough, UK
Sport: Snowboard
Height: 1m63cm (5'4)

Aimee is a British Snowboarder. She has also lived in the USA for a portion in her teenage years. She competes in Slopestyle and competed in 2014 at the Sochi Olympics. She will be looking to compete in 2018 at the South Korean Winter Olympics for which she has already been selected.

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Yuliya Levchenko

Ukrainian High Jumper

Name: Yuliya Levchenko
Nationality: Ukraine
Date of Birth: 28 November 1997
Place of Birth: Ukraine
Sport: Athletics -  High Jump
Height: 1m79cm (5'10)

Yuliya is a successful 19 year old High Jumper. She won a Silver medal in the recent World Championships, and looks set to have a huge future in the sport. With success and her looks come new endorsements and an increased profile. Yulia has also won Gold at Yourh level. She set her personal best achieving her World Silver medal of 2m01cm.

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Best of Instagram: Dorothea Wierer

As we lead up to the Winter Olympics in 6 months or so, we will feature some Best of Instagram for Winter Sports we featured already.

Dorothea is an Italian Biathlete. We first featured her in June 2016, and since then she has been hugely popular on this website. The 27 year old since then had a mixed season in 2016/2017, but will be hoping to build toward a medal in South Korea in next years Winter Olympics. Dorothea posts a huge amount of bikini pictures on Instagram as you can see below. In fact it's almost the Dorothea Wierer Bikini show, as shows off her cute sexy body

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